Monday 18 July 2016

Dinner at Penang Culture @ JEM

There are many eateries in JEM and it was a Friday night. We wanted to try out other outlets and we decided to eat at Penang Culture since it was not crowded yet.

Penang Culture
Penang Culture

The ambience is quite normal and nothing much which is outstanding to feature. The spacing between tables are quite small and you may need to squeeze in between them. You have to write your order onto a piece of paper and make payment first.

We ordered one plate of Fried Kway Teow ($9.55), one bowl of Laksa ($7.95), one plate of Rojak ($5.95) and a glass of sour-sop juice ($4.95). They will serve you a basket of snacks and it is not free ($2.00). If you don't want the snacks, please decline it.

Snack @ $2

Fried Kway Teow
Fried Kway Teow



There are 3 prawns and 3 cockles in the Fried Kway Teow. I think for $9.55, the portion is quite small and not value for money. I will skip this in my next visit. The Laksa and Rojak are so-so level. The sour-sop juice was way too sweet. I was tempted to ask the waitress to put in some water for me.

3 cockles
Only 3 cockles

Overall, the food is 2.5 out of 5 and definitely not value for money for the food we ordered. And the bill is:


Friday 8 July 2016

Old school biscuit at Biscuit King @ Casuarina Road

I went to Casuarina Road for dinner some times but I didn't notice an old school biscuit shop along the row of shophouses. I think most of the time, it was not opened and so I didn't see it.

One day, the shop was opened and I went in to take a look. "Wow" was my first impression. The biscuits that it has are those that we ate 35 years ago. I don't think we can find them easily in other parts of Singapore, maybe you can still find it in some rural areas of neighbouring countries. It has many varieties of biscuits that we had during our primary school's days.

The shop is called Biscuit King. The website is You can order online if you want but I prefer to shop there.

Biscuit King shop
Biscuit King Shop
Overall view
Overall view
One of the biscuits that I ate during my childhood is below. I always like to separate the icing from the biscuit. It was quite fun eating them. I'm sure the new generation kids have not seen this before, or maybe I'm wrong.
Old school biscuit
Old school biscuit
The shop sells preserved fruits and sour products too. I remembered buying those during our times when we watched movies. In the olden days, we watched movie at a big open carpark and needed to bring the speakers and hanged it at our car's windows. These products are the favourite of pregnant mothers. 

Preserved fruit/sour products
Preserved fruit/sour products
You see the erasers with different flags. We collected them during our school days. There are other toys that we played during the old kampong days. 

Old school erasers and toys
Old school erasers and toys

Saturday 10 January 2015

Chilli crabs from Goodview Garden Seafood

Chilli crabs are one of my favourite dishes and there are many places that sell chilli crabs. One of my favourites is the chilli crabs from Goodview Garden Seafood. The good thing about this coffeeshop zi char stall is that it allows you to call and make the orders. This way, I don't have to wait for my food at the stall but at the comfort of my home. It is usually crowded after 7pm and sometimes you got to wait for 30mins for your food. The chilli crabs price has risen gradually over the years and now I think it is about $45 per kg. Normally, I would order 2 crabs which will cost me around $58. Recently, the quality is quite stable unless previously the taste can vary a bit. I know the owner there and also the people so when I call them, they know that it is me who called.

Well, coming back to the chilli crabs. The taste is different from the Jumbo one. Each has its unique taste. I must say that this one is not too oily and you can eat it every two weeks and you would be sick of it. I would order the crabs and also the rice to go along. I did not order the buns. The crabs are fresh and I can tell from the taste and also the next day when I use the toilet (hahaha!). Last time, I used to buy my own crabs and prepare at home. But the trouble of killing and preparing is a chore and I don't enjoy. But you will be sure that the crabs are cleaned and fresh. Ok, I will post a picture of the chilli crabs. Next time, when you are near the coffeeshop, come and taste the chilli crabs and leave me a comment. Thanks.

Chilli crabs @ Goodview Garden Seafood

Friday 12 December 2014

All good fishes come to those who wait

A nice Friday dinner at the Manhattan Fish Market @ Bugis +. We had Volcano Mussels, Fish N Chips, Da Bomb and sizzling brownie with ice cream. I had never eaten at the Manhattan Fish Market before. The food was acceptable. Not so crowded as I don't have to queue up. Iced water will cost you $0.50 per cup. We had ordered one root beer float to go with our food. The seafood was the one that caught my eyes and I ordered the Da Bomb. It came with scallops, fries, two prawns, rice, etc.

What a feast!

Friday 5 December 2014

Carrot Cake Singapore - Must Try!

Sg My Makan is Good… I'm going to introduce you to my favourite carrot cake stall in Singapore. It is located in the Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre at 116 Upper Bukit Timah Road Singapore 588172.

Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre
The parking space is quite plenty but sometimes during peak hour, it can get pretty crowded.

This carrot cake stall is He Zhong Carrot Cake at unit #02-185. When you walked up the stairs to the 2nd level from the carpark, turned right and moved down a couple of rows of stalls. The stall is at the end of the row (2nd last row on the right). Just look for the stall's name and you can find it easy. The stall only sell white carrot cake and if you are looking for black type, sorry…

Carrot Cake Stall
Ask for more chilli as this will spice up the taste. Order a cup of coffee (kopi) from the opposite stall. The kopi is S$0.90 which is cheaper than normal coffeeshop.

Normally, when I went there, there was this male stall-holder cooking the carrot cake. This time, it was a female stall-holder. The taste is the same but I had asked for extra chilli and I didn't get it. Well, probably it had slipped her mind.

Male stall-holder
I took some photos before but now I couldn't find them in my iPhoto library. If I find them or when I buy the carrot cake again, I will take and post them here. Update: I found the photo…

Yummy Carrot Cake
Do drop me a note if you agree with me that the carrot cake from this stall is worth the TRY! You can also tell me where is your favourite white and black carrot cake stalls...

Sunday 30 November 2014