Saturday, 10 January 2015

Chilli crabs from Goodview Garden Seafood

Chilli crabs are one of my favourite dishes and there are many places that sell chilli crabs. One of my favourites is the chilli crabs from Goodview Garden Seafood. The good thing about this coffeeshop zi char stall is that it allows you to call and make the orders. This way, I don't have to wait for my food at the stall but at the comfort of my home. It is usually crowded after 7pm and sometimes you got to wait for 30mins for your food. The chilli crabs price has risen gradually over the years and now I think it is about $45 per kg. Normally, I would order 2 crabs which will cost me around $58. Recently, the quality is quite stable unless previously the taste can vary a bit. I know the owner there and also the people so when I call them, they know that it is me who called.

Well, coming back to the chilli crabs. The taste is different from the Jumbo one. Each has its unique taste. I must say that this one is not too oily and you can eat it every two weeks and you would be sick of it. I would order the crabs and also the rice to go along. I did not order the buns. The crabs are fresh and I can tell from the taste and also the next day when I use the toilet (hahaha!). Last time, I used to buy my own crabs and prepare at home. But the trouble of killing and preparing is a chore and I don't enjoy. But you will be sure that the crabs are cleaned and fresh. Ok, I will post a picture of the chilli crabs. Next time, when you are near the coffeeshop, come and taste the chilli crabs and leave me a comment. Thanks.

Chilli crabs @ Goodview Garden Seafood

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